The problem

With this project, we primarily want to draw attention to the grievances of the pitch and tender processes in the MICE industry: poor briefings, insufficient processing times, non-transparent bid comparisons, non-existent comparison criteria and hardly any personal presentation opportunities.

These are just a few of the numerous points of criticism we have identified in our cross-country and cross-trade taskforce.

Poor comparison

Since the contents of the offers of different providers often differ greatly, the comparability decreases considerably with an increasing number of destinations. Hotel classifications in different countries are just one example.

Low chances of success

Pitches are often sent out to a large number of different destinations. If this is then done via several agencies, the chance of a commitment for the event decreases considerably.

Disrupted network

The high cancellation rate also puts pressure on long-standing business relationships. Be it between agencies and destinations, but also between local organizers and service providers. However, these networks are essential for functioning events.