The Event

The special approach at EVENT EXPERIMENT is the completely contrary approach to planning the event.

Unlike most other events, the program and the client's ideas are not adapted to the location and venues.

Our new approach is based on the conviction that the Gurgl location and its possibilities set the framework for the event. These become the perfect event through the creative services of format:c.

This represents the greatest added value for all 3 sides: Client - Location - Agency.


Day one

The first day is dedicated to the journey to Gurgl. This can be done as a group or individual journey according to the customer's wishes. Of course, we also offer the option of arriving by public transport.

  • Individually planned group arrival
  • Check-In
  • Get together with Alpine aperitif on the Gurgl Carat forecourt in the village center
  • Dinner in the hotel restaurant
  • Concluding together at the bar

Day two

The second day is all about the core message and the central theme of the event. The participants come together at Carat to get in the mood and work out the schedule for the coming days.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Kick-off with Carat with content-based introduction with brain rest breaks
  • Lunch at the Gurgl Carat
  • Walk & talk through the Swiss stone pine forest
  • Content deepening in the break-out gondolas
  • Alpine hut rave on the Hohe Mut Alm with special guest
  • Hut evening on the Hohe Mut Alm
  • Ascent to the valley (10 min.)

Day three

On the third day, all participants work together and set up a CSR project as part of the local "Zukunft Gurgl" initiative to create a sustainable summer experience in Gurgl.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Implementation of the corporate social responsibility project in Gurgl
  • Lunch carousel on the Zirbenalm
  • Ascent to the Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum (15 min.)
  • Make a Wrap on the Bicycle Stage
  • Dinner & party at Crosspoint
  • Return to the hotel (15 min.)

Day four

After three eventful days, the participants return home on day 4 after a delicious breakfast with a large rucksack of experiences.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Individually planned group departure

The central meeting point during the entire event is the village square with the Gurgl Carat as a meeting and inspiration hub.

Individual group travel is achieved by integrating public transportation. The journey is already used to get in the mood for the core message and the content to be conveyed.

At a joint Alpine aperitif on the forecourt of the Gurgl Carat, the participants meet together for the first time and are officially welcomed.

In the impressive lecture hall of the Gurgl Carat, the core message and content of the event are presented and emotionally staged on the 1,000 sqf screen.

In order to increase the participants' receptiveness, the content blocks are interrupted by several brain rest breaks. We attach great importance to regional and vital products.

The nearby stone pine forest is the ideal place to process what you have heard during a leisurely team hike. There will be short themed impulses on special platforms.

A very special program awaits the participants in our break-out gondolas. During the trip to the Hohe Mut Alm, the core topics of the morning are discussed and explored in greater depth in the 8-seater gondolas.

The second day comes to a fitting end at the Hohe Mut Alm with our Almhüttenrave including a well-known special guest. We celebrate together with a view of the surrounding 3,000-meter peaks.

Afterwards, the participants will spend an evening together in a mountain hut on the Hohe Mut Alm and then take the cable car back to Gurgl.

The third day is dedicated to the CSR project as part of the Future Gurgl initiative. Together, the participants create the necessary infrastructure for the local population and future guests.

The final evening of the event takes place at the TOP Mountain Crosspoint. After a short shuttle ride to Hochgurgl, participants are welcomed with an aperitif in the gallery and rewarded with a fantastic view of the Ötztal mountains.

Participants are welcomed to the famous classic car museum with over 500 exhibits and an impressive journey through the history of the two-wheeler and can explore the museum on their own.

Afterwards, everyone gathers in the spacious Crosspoint restaurant to round off the event with an excellent dinner. The party continues at Crosspoint until the shuttles take you back to Obergurgl.